Competitive Training


The better you can see your stroke, the faster you can improve it.

From youth competitive swimmers to master swimmers, we know every second you can shave off your time counts. That’s why our unique and innovative facilities are dedicated to using the same techniques and technologies Olympic swimmers use to improve times and gain a competitive edge.

We help you look at your stroke from all angles. And that makes a world of difference.

You may get plenty of training time swimming laps in a large pool. But SwimLabs adds another dimension to your training. Here, you’ll benefit from digital video technology that provides instant video feedback. In addition, mirrors on the bottom of the pool let you view your stroke from below, helping you and your instructor analyze and adapt the most proficient catch and pull techniques. These visual tools make swimmer and instructor partners in seeing how to adjust strokes to perfect your techniques and achieve optimum performance.

  • SwimLabs pools are equipped with a 360-degree video system and three in-pool mirrors, so you and your instructor can see your stroke from all angles.
  • Our advanced diagnostic software lets us analyze your stroke and provides immediate feedback, helping you adjust instantly.
  • We use a unique, extensive library of video clips of world-class swimmers for side-by-side comparison.
  • You’ll receive a video analysis of your lesson videos to help you practice on your own between sessions.

Small pools, big attention to detail.

Our small, warm water pools mean customized attention for your entire session. This highly individualized training allows you to apply what you learn immediately to hone your technique and perfect your stroke.

Faster swimmers emerge from the Lab.

The way to swim faster is to learn to swim better. We’ll complement your swim team or large-pool training sessions and help you achieve your personal best.