Triathlete Training


Don’t let the swim portion of a triathlon slow you down.

SwimLabs offers athletes a personalized, high-tech way to improve technique and gain speed and confidence. Whether you have been:

  • a competitive swimmer,
  • want to bump up your skills,
  • you are a novice wanting to learn how to improve your swim for a triathlon,

SwimLabs high-tech training will get you ahead of the pack.

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Our small pools get you ready for the big event.

At SwimLabs, training takes place in small, warm water pools that can be adjusted to mimic the feel of an open water swim. Here, we can slow down your training in order to help you learn how to speed up your stroke.

We help you look at your stroke from all angles.

SwimLabs unique digital video technology provides instant visual feedback. In addition, mirrors on the bottom of the pool let you view your stroke from below, helping you and your instructor analyze and adapt the most proficient catch and pull techniques.

  • SwimLabs Pools are equipped with a 360° video system and three in-pool mirrors, so you and your instructor can see your stroke from all angles.
  • Our advanced DartFish diagnostic software lets us analyze your stroke and provides immediate feedback, helping you adjust instantly.
  • We use a unique, extensive library of video clips of world-class swimmers for side-by-side comparison.
  • You’ll receive a video analysis of your lesson to help you practice on your own between sessions.

If you’re going to compete, learn from the best.

Our instructors are all life-long, competitive swimmers who understand the demands of competing and the details of triathlon training. They’ll help you shave seconds off your time by making sure you are swimming correctly and efficiently.

“Get consistent stroke feedback. This is the only way to find and maintain a good stroke. Going by feel just doesn’t cut it in the pool.”

– Triathlete Magazine