The better you can see your stroke, the faster you can improve it.

We know that everyone learns best by seeing. So we offer a truly visionary way to help swimmers of all levels swim safer, faster and smarter.

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Living in Encinitas there are plenty of sun-filled days at the beach or pool. That makes it a great city for competitive swimmers of all ages, and it also means water safety for toddlers, children and adults is a top priority.  That’s where our unique Encinitas swim school and training facility comes in. SwimLabs Encinitas Swim School offers innovative, proven competitive training for competitive youth swimmers, master simmers and triathletes who want to shave time off of their strokes and swim more efficiently. And we offer a revolutionary approach to swim lessons for children and adults. We train indoors in small, current pools where every swimmer can see their stroke from a 360-degree angle, and see big results. Because when you can see your stroke better, you improve faster.

We offer a range of classes for every level of swimmer and all learning styles.

Our learn-to-swim kids lessons are private, semi-private or very small groups (no more feeling like your child is shivering while instructors are paying attention to kids across the pool.) We also offer parent/tot classes and we have a program specifically designed to use our technology to help children and adults with special needs enjoy swimming lessons in a safe and friendly environment. In addition, we offer a junior lifeguard prep program.

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Plus, we offer an array of options for competitive swimmers, helping you perfect the mechanics of each stroke and compare your stroke to side-by-side videos of elite swimmers for a unique view of how to improve.

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