Wow! Tonight was our first time at swim labs. I have a 31/2 year old and 2 year old. My 2 year old was freaked out and didn’t wan’t to be in the water. Lark gave him his own private lesson while the rest of the group did theirs. He left smiling and so happy. My 3 1/2 year old let her inner mermaid out and asked when we could go back. This beats any of the city lessons and I’m beyond grateful to have found them as summer is approaching and these little guys need to get stronger in the water. Thank you Lark for getting that little boy to stop crying and start smiling. We will be telling all of our friends about swimlabs!

Kaitlyn J.

My little boy was very happy to swim with Jake. Jake is like the Neverland pirate! Their names match! He is always very excited to see Shannon Garlie, too. He tells us all of the time that he loves Shannon, and she needs food. He says, “Shannon is so, so hungry. She works so hard with the kids, and she just needs some food.” A few weeks ago, he brought her a jar of peanut butter 🙂 We love SwimLabs and all of the fabulous instructors.

Diana C.

We love SwimLabs! The staff, the instructors and results of our 3-year-old daughter’s lessons are remarkable. We have been going for four months now. So impressed and grateful. Our kiddo’s confidence in the water has skyrocketed and she LOVES going each week.

Pam J.

We love SwimLabs Fort Collins. I can see a huge difference in my 4 yr olds strokes compared to where she was at when we started a couple months ago. Instructors are friendly, small group classes & year round lessons. I was worried we wouldn’t find a place comparable to what we were used to in CA but SwimLabs has exceeded my expectations.

Felicia B.