Parent Tot

At SwimLabs NW, we know that the interactions you have with your children in the pool are crucial to their overall development both as children and young swimmers. This class is designed to teach parents the skills necessary to safely interact with and teach their children at the pool in a fun and productive way.


Instruct parents in the proper methodology to safely interact with their children in the water in a productive way.

Begin teaching toddlers the techniques necessary to learn to swim.


In our ParentTot classes, we guarantee no more than 6 students and their parent in any class.


4 Lessons, 30 Minutes Each, 6 Students Maximum = $85

8 Lessons, 30 Minutes Each, 6 Students Maximum = $160

Parent must be in the water

 ParentTot lessons are for kids between the ages of 1-3 years old. Parent must be in the water. All children must wear a swim diaper.


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