Glad we found SwimLabs!

This week will be my son’s third lesson. He is three and has some developmental delays and can sometimes be a tricky kid to figure out. The first lesson was a hot mess, but we are new and learning to be comfortable in the pool! Rome wasn’t built in a day. The second lesson was a million times better and he can’t wait to swim again. The staff is friendly and helpful, the place is VERY clean and comfortable. Love the cameras! Glad we found SwimLabs! – Michelle R.

I LOVE this place!

I LOVE this place. My son is 4 and has taken swim classes during the summer since he was just over 6 months old. We were at Bellevue Aquatic for most of the last 2.5 yrs and he didn’t advance much at all. His first class here, he was blowing bubbles, by his third class he was putting his head under water willingly and by his 5th class he was blowing bubbles and putting his head under water together. That’s amazing for a kid who has refused this for years. He has also been practicing swim strokes. The instructors have been very friendly and patient with him and his fears (he ended up underwater for a few seconds with no instructors right next to him at Bellevue Aquatic this summer). I also appreciate that if I don’t get the chance to talk to the instructor after the class, I get an email update on how he did.
The class size is fairly small – upto 4 kids and there have been times where there were just 2 kids. And I like that the pools are small shallow pools so you don’t have multiple large groups sharing the space. There are also above water and underwater video cameras that allow you to watch what’s going on from the comfort of their lobby on their TV screens rather than sitting in the warm humid pool area. – Shilps S.

Triathlete Visit

I’m a triathlete looking to increase efficiency in my swim stroke. After a 30 minute session I saw a significant improvement in my 100yd pace. – Deborah H.

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