Kids Lessons


We teach kids the correct way to swim so they’re safer, faster.

SwimLabs is a highly-successful, fun and innovative way for your child to learn to swim correctly, safely and quickly. We are often the place that “works” when other lessons haven’t.

We believe learning to swim should be fun, not intimidating.

Our small, warm water pools help children discover confidence and joy in the water without the fears and distractions that can come with large, crowded swim classes.

  • Our small, warm water pools means our highly-trained instructors can stay focused on your child throughout the lesson. And your child can stay focused on the joy of learning to swim.

Kids learn best by seeing. So that’s exactly how we teach them to swim.

We use innovative technology including instant video feedback and mirrors on the bottom the pool to help even the youngest new swimmers learn the correct technique, apply what they learn instantly, and quickly gain the skills they need to be water safe.

  • This is the same technology Olympic swimmers use to train. Yet it is also the perfect way for toddlers to get in the swim of things.
  • Our technology helps us teach kids the most correct methods of swimming, making them safer and giving them a stronger foundation to continue to improve and excel in swimming as they grow.

Fun and welcoming for parents, too.

As a parent, you’ll enjoy the fun and the advantage of getting to see your child’s learning take place right before your eyes on our video screen. You’ll understand what they should be practicing between sessions and we’ll even send you home with a video analysis of your child’s lesson.

Safer swimmers start in the Lab.

Learning to love and respect the water is an important step for your child and your family and we are proud to offer the absolute best way to learn to swim quickly and correctly.