Kids Swim Lessons at SwimLabs Littleton

We are so unique, we are often the place that “works” for kids, when other lessons haven’t.

We are passionate about our love of swimming and our dedication to helping kids be water safe, faster.  That means individualized attention, small pools where kids are engaged and having fun, highly experienced adult instructors and warm water. (Let’s face it  no one learns well when they’re shivering.)

Plus, our 360º video feedback means even our youngest swimmers see what they’re doing and understand quickly how to improve.

Pick the class size that’s right for your child. You’ll see quickly how unique and fun our swim classes are.

At our location in Littleton, we offer private, semi-private, 3-person private, and 4-person private lessons. Additionally, we offer group classes (no more than 4 kids) and ParentTot classes.

This is no ordinary swim facility:

  • Small, warm-water pools
  • Highly-trained instructors (over 20 hours of SwimLabs specific training)
  • Same video-feed back Olympic swimmers use
  • Kids learn the most correct methods of swimming – making them safer and giving them a stronger foundation
  • Parents get a front-row seat to lessons and video analysis