New Year and A Fresh Start

Happy 2015!!

This year will undoubtedly be a year of fitness. There are countless ways to be active and  to do so in a fun environment with friends and family; walking groups, mud runs,  ocean swims to sprint triathlons. There are plenty of activities that any person can start to be active and healthy. Even simply walking to the store instead of driving can greatly benefit your health and weight in the long run.

At SwimLabs we believe that swimming is the most fundamental ability everyone should know whether you are 3yrs or 93 yrs old. Toddlers first learning to become water safe is one of the most important skills they could learn at that age, which in time could become a lifelong passion for the water. As we age activities like running and biking can become increasingly difficult from injuries or aging joints. Swimming has been found to be one of the best activities for an extremely low-impact workout. Whether you are looking to improve your health or just enjoy a few laps to relax, swimming will help you along the way.

Let us help you on a journey to a healthier life while becoming a more confident swimmer, no matter what your age. Our goal is to share the joy of swimming and help everyone enjoy the benefits as well. We wish everyone a wonderful year in and out of the pool!

Swimmingly Yours,

Brett Rose