Off-Season Swim Training for the Triathlete

Don’t let the swim portion of a triathlon slow you down. When training for a triathlon, many athletes choose to focus primarily on the bike and run segments of the race, because they are also the longest. Some athletes may not realize, that although the swim portion is the shortest leg of the triathlon, it sets the stage for the rest of the race. Winter is typically the off-season for triathletes, but it is also the best season to spend quality time, focusing on your form and technique in the water. A triathlete, is a multi-sport athlete, so efficiency in the water is extremely important. The focus is not only on finishing strong but also learning how to conserve as much energy as possible, for the rest of the race. At SwimLabs, training takes place in a small, warm water, endless pool, which can be adjusted to mimic the feel of an open water swim.  Whether you are a competitive swimmer, or a novice wanting to improve your swim, we offer athletes a personalized, high-tech way, to improve technique, while gaining speed and confidence. SwimLabs is unique because we use the same techniques and technologies that are used by Olympic swimmers. Our pools are equipped with a 360-degree digital video system and DartFish diagnostic software, so our instructors can analyze your stroke and provide immediate feedback, helping you adjust instantly. Our swimmers also receive a video analysis of every lesson. If you are training for an upcoming triathlon, don’t let the swim portion slow you down, come train with the best. Our instructors are all life-long competitive swimmers who understand the demands of triathlon training.... read more

Interview with Olympic Athlete, Michael Ker

The summer Olympics are only eight months away. As we prepare for the exciting Olympic season approaching, we had the pleasure of catching up with Michael Ker, a 1976 Olympic Swimmer. Ker is a well-known athlete, leader, and business executive residing in Dana Point, CA. Having lead a major software company by the age of 37, he has been on the board of over a dozen organizations and is the founder of Acceleration Leadership, a global executive coaching business. Michael has the unique ability to translate his athletic success and experience, along with competing in the Olympics, into practical life lessons for everyone. We had the opportunity to interview Ker this week.   When did you start swimming? “I was 11 years old when the doctor suggested to my mother that I start swimming to help lessen my severe allergies. I was also playing competitive tennis at the time and after a year of doing both, my coaches asked me to make a choice. I chose swimming and quickly began breaking age group records and had fun swimming on relays with my teammates.”   When did you realize that the Olympics was a possibility for you? Was it something you dreamed about? “I realized the Olympics was a possibility at the age of 14 when I finished 17th in the 1500 Freestyle (the mile) at the Canadian National Championships. A year later, I won that same race and became the youngest male to ever win a National title. After that, traveling to swim meets in Sweden, England, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Columbia and Japan became my new normal. It was pretty heady stuff for a... read more

Thanksgiving Week Savings – Get Your Free Lessons

Have you made your commitment to get your family water-safe this winter? We are an indoor, facility, with warm-water pools, so winter is a great time to start your lessons, to get your kids swimming by summer! Or maybe you are training for a triathlon and are ready to put our technology to work for you. Whether you need to take the first steps in learning how to swim, or aspire to be an Olympic medalist, SwimLabs is the place for you! With Black Friday just around the corner, the anticipation of big sales is in the air and we have some special deals to offer, ALL week long. Take advantage of these great Thanksgiving week savings, which include FREE lessons! Private / Semi-Private / Group Lessons Competitive Lessons Thanksgiving Week Specials Purchase In-Store or Call Us: (949-716-6370) Monday, November 23 Tuesday, November 24 Wednesday, November 25 Saturday, November 28 Purchase ONLINE: (link will be posted on 11/27/15) Friday, November 27 Saturday, November 28 Sunday, November 29 PRIVATE LEARN TO SWIM: (Click below on the package you wish to buy) Buy a 4 pack,  get 1 lesson FREE Buy a 6 pack, get 2 lessons FREE Buy a 10 pack, get 3 lessons FREE SEMI-PRIVATE LEARN TO SWIM: (Click below on the package you wish to buy) Buy a 4 pack,  get 1 lesson FREE Buy a 6 pack, get 2 lessons FREE Buy a 10 pack, get 3 lessons FREE PRIVATE COMPETITIVE: Click below on the package you wish to buy) Buy a 6 pack, get 1 lesson FREE Buy a 10 pack, get 2 lessons FREE GROUP LESSONS: (Click below... read more

Give the Gift of Safety to Your Family – Learn to Swim

According to the American Red Cross, more than half of all Americans cannot swim well enough to save themselves. They also released a new survey that found that while 80 percent of adults claim they could swim, 44 percent of them also admit they would fail a basic test. The number one reason for not learning how to swim, for both children and adults, is fear. Furthermore, if a parent does not know how to swim, there is only a 13 percent chance that a child in that household will learn how to swim. We are urging families to take the next step and make a commitment to becoming water safe this winter! We want your family to look forward to making a big splash this summer! For many adults, that may be a scary step. SwimLabs is the perfect place to start. We know the last thing you want to do is share a huge pool with a bunch of kids, while you face your fear of learning to swim. At SwimLabs, we teach you in a private lesson, in a small, warm-water, constant current pool. The current can be adjusted according to your ability, and you will never be in deep water. Our highly-trained staff is passionate about what we do and never want you to feel intimidated when in the water. SwimLabs can help you become water safe, faster. We know people learn best by seeing. So our innovative technology includes instant video feedback and mirrors on the bottom of the pool, so new swimmers learn the correct technique, and apply what they learn instantly. Whether you are... read more

5 Advantages of Endless Pools for the Competitive Swimmer

There are a lot of things that makes SwimLabs unique and the first difference you will notice when you walk in the door, is that we are not a traditional swim school. At SwimLabs, you won’t find lap swimming, hitting the wall, then turning around. We use three, constant, current, endless pools, which have some incredible benefits compared to lap swimming, when you are training competitively. 5 Advantages of SwimLabs’ Constant Current Pools Instructor is Static – It’s much easier to instruct when the swimmer is swimming in place and the coach is static. Our advanced diagnostic software lets us analyze your stroke and provide immediate feedback, helping you adjust instantly. Constant Current – Swimming against the current is a great way to practice technique, while building strength and endurance. Since the current is fully adjustable, the constant current pool is friendly enough for beginners, yet still challenging for Olympians. Visual Learning – Most people are visual learners. We have three in-pool mirrors, so you and your instructor can see your stroke from all angles. Mirrors on the bottom of the pool allow the swimmer to view his or her stroke from below, giving a useful perspective. Video Analysis – SwimLabs pools are equipped with a 360-degree video stroke analysis system that provides instant feedback. Using dartfish technology, we can analyze every stroke from all angles and even compare your stroke to Olympic swimmers. Highly-Qualified Staff – All of our instructors are life-long competitive swimmers who are passionate about the sport and highly trained to help you improve performance. Utilizing the same training technology Olympic swimmers depend on, our highly-trained instructors will help swimmers shave... read more
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