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SwimLabs Sandy

With the arrival of SwimLabs in Sandy, Utah in late December 2015, becoming a safer and faster swimmer just got a whole lot easier. SwimLabs Sandy, owned by Utah native Kyle Lambson and operated by former professional triathlete Heath Thurston, promises to provide a unique swimming environment for swimmers of all ages. From learn-to-swim to Olympians, and everything in between, SwimLabs Sandy is changing the current of the swim school world. Relying on the controlled environment of warm and small constant current pools, SwimLabs Sandy employs certified adult coaches who are never more than a few feet away from clientele. This ideal setting is fortified with the latest in high-tech swimming software, which trained instructors use to provide instant feedback to swimmers of all ages.  The result of this unique swim school is that SwimLabs’ students learn water safety and improved stroke techniques in less time than with traditional methods. SwimLabs Sandy’s proven progression provides both learn-to-swim and competitive clients the proper foundational mechanics to be successful at any level of the sport. Whether a learn-to-swim client wants to become safer and more comfortable in the water, or a competitive client wants to qualify for the next big meet, SwimLabs’ proven techniques, training and facility will get them there faster. SwimLabs is a community based swim school for swimmers of every level and ability, and this local focus is what prompted owner Kyle Lambson to open his Sandy location. Kyle’s passion for swimming started in Utah at the age of four when he swam at Willow Creek Country Club, eventually progressing to the competitive level at both Cottonwood Heights... read more