Team Nights at SwimLabs

SwimLabs is a unique, innovative high-tech facility dedicated to improving swimming technique and therefore improving times, competitiveness, confidence and love of the sport. Instead of just getting more lap time in a large pool, swimmers here benefit from digital video technology that provides instant visual feedback. In addition, mirrors on the bottom of the pool let the swimmer view his or her stroke from below, giving a useful perspective—especially when it comes to analyzing and adapting the all-important catch and pull phases. These visual tools make swimmer and instructor partners in seeing how to learn or adjust strokes to perfect the swimmer’s mechanics and specific strokes to achieve optimum performance.

Team nights provide each swimmer with 20 minutes of instruction and video analysis of the strokes of their choice. SwimLabs instructors will be facilitating lessons but we value and encourage coaches input and active participation. At the end of their session, the swimmer will receive their video analysis via email through SwimLabs TV.

Please contact SwimLabs to reserve your preferred date/time. Minimum of 10 swimmers.