Special Needs

SwimLabs Special Needs program was specifically designed to allow us to use the technology available to us at SwimLabs to help children and adults with Special Needs enjoy sports, recreational activities, and swimming lessons in a safe and friendly environment.

There are a number of advantages to the Special Needs program at SwimLabs. For one, we are a Warm Water Swim School and we utilize a special pool that creates a current in the water. This current allows our qualified, professional instructors to customize the pool to fit the needs of all of our swimmers, regardless of age or ability.  We also have the capability of recording video of our lessons, allowing us to create a Social Story for each and every swimmer at SwimLabs.

Because we know that every single person that we work with has different needs, our Special Needs learning progression was designed to give our instructors flexibility to give each student at SwimLabs a positive swimming experience with an emphasis on developing the critical swimming skills necessary to be safe in the water.