Why SwimLabs?


Swimming lessons and competitive swimming training that puts the focus on seeing how to swim better.

We are a unique swimming training facility designed to use technology and individualized instruction to teach swimmers of all ages – beginners to competitive athletes – the absolute best techniques for water safety and swimming success.

Our highly-effective swim school combines indoor, warm-water pools, high-trained instructors and the same training video-feedback technology used by Olympians. We help kids of all ages learn to swim safely and quickly and our expert instructors are trained to help competitive swimmers improve their stroke and shave seconds off their time.

under water swim video analysisOur pools are small. The results are big.

Our warm water SwimLabs pools allow swimmers of all levels to concentrate on their stroke in a highly personalized setting with instructors who can customize instruction to meet their specific needs.

  • Our indoor pools use a constant current and have warm water. (For learn to swim, warm pools mean happy young swimmers, happy parents and a happy staff.)

We help swimmers see their stroke from all angles. And that translates to safer, better, faster swimmers.

Our technology lets swimmers of all ages and abilities instantly view their own strokes, correct or enhance their form, adjust their technique and master their skills.

  • Multiple in-pool cameras and pool-length mirrors are positioned strategically to capture a 360-degree view of the swimmer’s stroke.
  • Video-analysis software and large screen monitors provide instant feedback to swimmers on how they can adjust their stroke to be more efficient and faster in the water. This is the same technology used by today’s Olympians.

swim lessons for kidsBetter swimmers start in the Lab.

Our approach has been proven time and again to get new swimmers water safe quickly and to help competitive swimmers excel at their highest level and go beyond their current times and abilities.

And we do it all with an abundance of fun, a feeling of family, and an absence of fear.

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