Coaches Love Us

Coaches: We’re the perfect complement to your exceptional training.
SwimLabs is the most technologically-advanced training partner your swimmers can add to their arsenal to help supplement your coaching and team training. We are a trusted partner to competitive team coaches – providing an excellent tool to help your swimmers fine-tune mechanics and perfect strokes to shave minutes off of their times.
Our unique and innovative facility uses the same techniques and technologies Olympic swimmers use to improve swim times and gain a competitive edge. Your swimmers will benefit from digital video technology that provides instant visual feedback so they see instantly how their stroke compares to our extensive video library of world-class swimmers and what adjustments they need to make. A mirror on the bottom of the pool lets the swimmer view his or her stroke from below, giving a useful perspective for analyzing and adapting catch and pull phases. And our small, warm, current pools can be adjusted to match the speed with the unique needs of the swimmer.